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James Hogue, MA, CCA

James Hogue, MA, CCA, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Art from San Jose State University and Master of Arts degree in Biomedical Communications from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, where, in addition to medical illustration, he studied 3D modeling and prosthetics.  Jim has had experience as a medical illustrator and sculptor at the Mayo Clinic, and as an anaplastologist at the University of Minnesota Dental School, Dept. of Prosthodontics. 

Jim received his Board Certification in Clinical Anaplastology in July of 2019 and has worked as a clinical anaplastologist for Aesthetic Prosthetics in Pasadena, California, the Center of Custom Prosthetics in Naples, Florida and most recently, Medical Art Prosthetics in Madison, Wisconsin.  During the past seven years with Medical Art Prosthetics he has been traveling 2-3 times a year to see patients in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.  

Jim has extensive experience designing and creating silicone restorative prosthetics covering the auricular, nasal and orbital regions as well as fingers, toes, hands and feet both partial and whole that utilize implant retention as well as anatomical and adhesive retention.  In addition to traditional sculpture, Jim has incorporated digital modeling using CT and laser scan data that allows him to create rapid prototypes of the prostheses, thus speeding up the workflow and, in some cases, making it possible to create a prosthesis for a patient that can’t travel to be seen in person. 

Jim is available to see patients in the Los Angeles and Orange office locations.