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Artificial Eye Before Polish - Ocular Prosthetics, Inc.
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Artificial Eye After Polish - Ocular Prosthetics, Inc.

Your prosthetic eye maintenance can be very minimal if you follow a few important guidelines. It is generally recommended that the ocular prosthetic remain in the socket at all times, even during sleep. This ensures that the socket remains stable and healthy.  If you do need to briefly remove your prosthesis for cleaning, please follow your ocularist’s instructions. Wash your hands thoroughly with gentle hand soap before handling the prosthesis. Never use any cleaning product containing alcohol, because it can permanently damage the materials. And only use approved lubricating solutions to restore comfort and shine.  For more information on cleaning your prosthetic eye, please read our blog post, “Cleaning and Storage of a Prosthetic Eye”, found under the Blog Tab.

Each patient will learn how to insert and remove their prosthesis. Your ocularist will help you through this simple procedure. Reference materials will also be provided upon request for continued practice at home.   For more information on handling your prosthetic eye, please read our blog post, Inserting and Removing a Prosthetic Eye”, found under the Blog Tab.

Your ocular prosthesis should be professionally cleaned and polished by your ocularist twice a year to remove the buildup of minerals and protein deposits. This office visit will also allow your ocularist to carefully examine the prosthesis to ensure an optimal fit. These professional cleanings enhance the comfort and extend the longevity of your prosthesis.  For more information on prosthetic eye polishing, please read our blog post,“Importance of a Prosthetic Eye Polishing”, found under the Blog Tab.