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Cosmetic Contact Lens

Richard Silver, O.D.

When patients with blemished eyes are not candidates for a scleral cover shell, custom hand painted contact lens may be an option.  These lenses offer a comfortable and convenient cosmetic restoration to several corneal and iris anomalies.

Cosmetic contact lenses can also be fabricated with a prescription for vision correction when necessary. Our special team member Richard Silver, O.D., of Professional VisionCare Associates, has extensive experience in fitting cosmetic contact lenses and can accurately replicate the color of the natural eye with a soft contact lens.  We encourage you to visit  his website,, for more information on these specialized services.

Having a contact lens specialist and ocularist in one practice provides the perfect bridge for determining which patients are candidates for a scleral cover shell or cosmetic contact lens. Our team is available to provide you with a complete consultation on the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a cosmetic contact lens versus a scleral cover shell.

Patients and their families are encouraged to seek our assistance with any insurance questions. Our staff will research insurance coverage and benefits directly for each patient.