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Child with Prosthetic EyeAt approximately six weeks following surgery the process will begin with an initial consultation, which will provide an opportunity for you and your child to become personally acquainted with our team of board certified ocularists.  At Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. we are sensitive to the needs of each family, and will do our best to clearly explain what will take place during each office visit. It is important for the ocularist and parents to limit their expectations of what can be accomplished during the first visit.  With our special efforts to limit stress on the child, it is common for younger patients to need more than three office visits to complete a prosthesis.

Follow up visits for infants and toddlers receiving a prosthetic eye are scheduled approximately every three months, but individual times will vary.  Enlargement or replacement of the first prosthetic eye for an infant may be required in a year depending on the individual. This replacement is primarily due to growth of the orbital socket and color changes during the first years of an infants life.  It is often possible to enlarge the prosthesis if only minor changes are required.

When patients are between the ages of two and five, annual replacements are common, depending on the amount of tissue settlement in the eye socket and growth of the child.  When the child reaches the age of three, follow up visits to the ocularist may be extended to every six months.

For children ages six through twelve, replacement prosthetic eyes are required less frequently. In this age category, it is common to keep the same ocular prosthesis for two or more years, enlarging when necessary. However, the patient should still continue making their regularly scheduled follow up appointments every six months.

For more information on prosthetic eyes for children, please read our blog post, “Prosthetic Eye Care for Children”, found under the Blog Tab.