Guidelines for Prosthetic Eye Care

Whether you just received your first ocular prosthesis, or have been wearing one for years, there are a few ocularist recommended guidelines to maintain its comfort and cosmesis.  As individual care plans do vary, your ocularist is your first and foremost resource for prosthetic eye maintenance information; these guidelines are listed only as a general resource.

  1. Keeping the surface of your prosthetic eye clean will help reduce socket irritation
    1. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is our recommended soap for at home cleaning
    2. Contact lens cleaners are great for light cleaning and storage if necessary
    3. A 15 min Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) bath can be used to disinfect when needed
  2. DO NOT USE ANTIBACTERIAL SOAPS, ALCOHOL, OR ANY OTHER CHEMICAL SOLVENTS ON THE PROSTHESIS, these can cause contamination and irreversible discoloration
  3. Artificial tears, non-prescription drops, are a great lubricant if needed
    1. Systane Balance and Refresh Advanced are both excellent
    2. We also offer prosthetic eye specific lubricants at each office for purchase
  4. Schedule your professional cleaning every six months
  5. Please notify your ocularist of any changes in appearance or comfort

We look forward to speaking with you further if you have any questions or concerns.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our five Southern California office locations.