Makeup Tips for a Prosthetic Eye

One of the most frequent questions our ocularists get from patients shortly after receiving their first prosthetic eye is, “Can I wear makeup?”.  And the resounding answer is yes, you can in fact wear normal makeup with your prosthetic eye!  While this endorsement is good news to most, there are a number of recommendations to follow to maintain your ocular prosthesis’s comfort and cosmesis.

The first and foremost suggestion is to only apply makeup with the prosthetic eye in socket.  This will prevent any makeup material from getting in-between the prosthesis and the tissue behind it.  If for any reason you do get makeup in the socket, remove your prosthesis and rinse the affected area with eyewash or saline solution to remove any foreign debris.  The prosthesis should also be rinsed with warm water and gently rubbed with baby shampoo.

When choosing a makeup powder, mascara or eyeliner for the first time, be sure to choose products that are hypoallergenic or made specifically for sensitive skin.  This recommendation is especially important for patients who are still healing from surgical procedures.  If you have questions concerning when it is safe to wear makeup following surgery, please consult your doctor.  A physician consultation is also recommended before considering any permanent makeup services.

While we cannot endorse any particular makeup product, a great resource for monocular patient suggestions can be found on the general discussion forum.  If you would like a hands on makeup tutorial, we also suggest scheduling a makeup lesson with a professional makeup artist in your area who can address your individual concerns.

Please contact any one of our Southern California office locations for a consultation or biannual office visit today!  We look forward to seeing you soon.