Motility Peg Enhancement for Prosthetic Eyes

If you have had your natural eye removed and the socket volume replaced with a porous orbital implant, you might be a candidate for motility peg enhancement. This surgical procedure, performed by an oculoplastic surgeon, connects the orbital implant to the prosthetic eye through direct coupling. This pegging system will not only increase your range of prosthetic eye motion but can also restore darting eye movement, characteristic of conversational speech.

While each oculoplastic surgeons preferred technique will vary, the general procedure involves the surgeon drilling into the orbital implant to embed a titanium sleeve. This sleeve will comfortably house the removable titanium peg. The peg is the direct coupling mechanism between the orbital implant and the prosthetic eye. Your ocularist will custom fit your prosthetic eye to incorporate this new pegging system.

For more information about motility peg enhancement for prosthetic eyes, please speak with your eye doctor. They will be an excellent resource for determining your candidacy, discussing the procedure and addressing symptomatic risk factors.