Prosthetic Eye Care for Children

Stephen Haddad and Artificial Eye PatientAt Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. we are sympathetic to that fact that most children do not know what to expect on their initial visit to our office.  The clinical environment can be an uncomfortable place, with strange equipment, and unfamiliar people.  That is why our team of board certified ocularists are sensitive to the special needs of pediatric patients.

To ensure a positive experience, we encourage every parent to work closely with their child before, during, and after they visit our office.  This can be done in number of different ways, such as role-playing at home; in which the parent would practice manipulating the affected eye much like the ocularist will do on the first appointment.  If you have any questions on how to coach your child, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

It is very important that each child understand how the process works, and how they can help.  This mutual understanding is the foundation of trust between the child and their ocularist.  The value of this relationship can not be overstated;  the more comfortable your child is with their ocularist, the better their treatment outcome will be.  At Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. our main goal is to make that best prosthetic eye possible.  Please help us, by working with your child, to ensure that we achieve this goal.  We look forward to serving you.