Prosthetic Eye Correction for Cloudy Cornea

The cornea, a clear dome-shaped area covering the front of the visual eye components, is responsible for more than just providing a protective barrier.  In order to effectively pass and bend light from a person’s surroundings to form a focused image on the retina, the cornea must remain healthy and a transparent clear.  Unfortunately there are a number of situations that can cause the cornea to become cloudy and severely reduce a person’s ability to focus images.

Corneal opacities can occur when the cornea becomes scarred, causing the cornea to appear white or clouded.  These problems can be caused by injury, infection, and certain eye diseases.  Although there are a number of different causes of corneal opacities, there are a few recommendations you can follow to prevent corneal damage.  Wearing protective eyewear during activities that can cause injury, and sunglasses during outdoor activity, can greatly decrease the risk of corneal abrasions.  For patients wearing contact lenses, it is important to follow your eye doctor’s instructions for their healthy use and maintenance.  Most importantly, schedule regular eye exams with your doctor and let them know if you are experiencing any symptoms.

If you have problems associated with corneal cloudiness and severely limited to no vision there is a cosmetic prosthetic solution.  A cosmetic scleral cover shell is a thin ocular prosthesis designed to cover the blemished eye and restoring cosmesis and lost volume if necessary.  A cosmetic contact lens may also be an option depending on your individual situation.  To discuss your treatment plan with a board certified ocularist, please contact us today.  To schedule an appointment at any of our five Southern California office locations, please fill out the Request an Appointment form found at the top of this page.  We look forward to serving you.