Prosthetic Eye for Infants

Prosthetic eye services for infants can be very challenging for every member of your child’s care team:  their pediatric ophthalmologist, ocularist and family.  While each child’s circumstances and outcomes will vary, a number of general considerations must be mentioned to achieve a positive outcome.  With your help in our team approach, your child will adapt and thrive with very little limitations.      

One of the most important factors contributing to a positive outcome is our commitment to communication.  At Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. we believe that the best patient relationship starts with transparency.  During your first ocularist visit your infant’s specific care plan will be discussed.  This care plan will include important information regarding future clinical visits and at home care.  We encourage all parents to ask questions during their appointments to become more comfortable with our services.  Your ocularist is also available by telephone, during normal work hours, in case of emergency.  

Parental involvement in your infant’s prosthetic eye treatment is paramount to their cosmetic success. While frequent appointments with the ocularist will allow them to professionally monitor your child’s development, as a parent, your observations are a key component of their treatment.  In order to achieve the best possible long term outcome, we please ask that you attend all scheduled office visits as an active participant in their continuity of care.  Help your ocularist create and develop a patient relationship built on trust that will last a lifetime.    

To schedule an appointment today please contact one of our five Southern California offices:  Los Angeles, Encino, Orange, Torrance, Santa Barbara.  We look forward to meeting you.