Protection for Remaining Vision

Patient of Stephen HaddadAt Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. our team of board certified ocularists highly recommend that every prosthetic eye patient wear a pair of glasses, with polycarbonate, shatterproof, lenses.  Even if the patient does not require prescription vision correction in their remaining natural eye, non-prescription safety glasses are still recommended.  The glasses will provide protection for your natural eye, and a veneer for your prosthetic eye.

In special cases, glasses can also be used to create optical illusions with the use of spherical plus and minus lenses, prisms, and tints.  These modifications can help create the appearance of facial symmetry for patients who need to magnify or minify the orbital area, shift the alignment of the orbital area, or camouflage scarring and orbital deformities.  If you believe these types of glasses could benefit you, please contact us today!  Our team will work closely with your optometrist to utilize the latest technologies in ophthalmic lenses.