Shah Bibi Tarakhail Receives Prosthetic Eye!

For those unfamiliar with this courageous young girl’s story, Shah Bibi Tarakhail is a child found by fate in her worn torn country of Afghanistan by a military nurse native to California.  Moved by Shah Bibi’s traumatic circumstances, after a tragic encounter with a roadside bomb, the nurse enlisted the help of the Children of War Foundation,  This amazing medical charity provides world-class surgical treatment in the United States for children in need.

After numerous surgical procedures, and weeks of recovery, Shah Bibi was finally ready to receive her new custom-made prosthetic eye.  Stephen Haddad, B.C.O., and his team of Board Certified Ocularists were very privileged to apart of such an memorable young girl’s life.  The smile on Shah Bibi’s face after seeing her other eye for the first time in years was truly a remarkable moment.

From the entire team at Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. we want to thank the Children of War Foundation, Dr. Mark Urata of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and most importantly Shah Bibi Tarakhail.  Without their compassion, expertise, and courage none of this could have been possible.  What a wonderful end to an incredible prosthetic eye journey, and a bittersweet beginning to a restored image.