The Experience of Wearing a Prosthetic Eye

Losing your natural eye can be both a physically and emotionally painful experience. Each patient will address and overcome these changes in their own unique way. What is similar to all victims of eye loss is the opportunity to partially restore what was lost. To replace the damage caused by disease and trauma with a restorative prosthetic eye.

The experience of wearing a prosthetic eye will change every patient’s life.  Each person sees an image of themselves that has been created over time through normal personal and social interactions. When that image is drastically changed it can be hard to accept. There is not only the physical loss of the eye, but the emotional loss of that self-image. That is why it is so important to take advantage of the restorative qualities of a prosthetic eye.

A custom fit prosthetic eye is a major step for patients to move forward in the healing process. At Ocular Prosthetics, Inc., our team of board certified ocularists strive to create a prosthetic eye that is natural in both appearance and movement. We take great pride in helping each patient restore that image of themselves.

The comfort of a new ocular prosthesis will vary from patient to patient over the course of their lifetime. Some patients are able to wear their prosthetic eye for 6 months or more without removing it. While other patients find the need to remove it every night before going to bed. Each specific wearing schedule is determined between the patient and their ocularist.

Most patients will be recommended to use artificial tears while wearing their prosthetic eye.  Artificial tears help to reduce excess mucous, relieve eye socket dryness, and alleviate itchiness associated with prolonged wear.  There are numerous types and brands of artificial tears that can be used.  Each specific artificial tear recommendation is determined between the patient and their ocularist. To speak with a board certified ocularist today, please contact us at any of our five greater Los Angeles office locations.