The Most Common Prosthetic Eye Question

Prosthetic Eye Frequently Asked QuestionsOver the years our team of board certified ocularists have helped thousands of patients acclimate to wearing a prosthetic eye comfortably.  This has been largely achieved by listening closely to our patient’s feedback. From tips to removing your prosthesis to interesting homeopathic options for lubrication, our patients have contributed tremendously to our practice’s comprehensive approach to patient care.

The most common prosthetic eye question we receive is, “Do I have to remove my prosthesis every night?  And if so, how do I clean and store it?” The simple answer to this question for most prosthetic eye wearers is no, you do not need to remove your prosthesis daily.  

Although, if you are wearing a scleral shell over your existing eye, it is generally recommended that you remove the shell at night.  This is largely a preventative measure to decrease the risk of inflammation, corneal abrasions, or damage to the prosthesis. If your ocularist has recommended that you remove your scleral shell at night, the best way to clean the prosthesis is to rub it gently with baby shampoo to remove any surface oils.  Place the clean shell in a sealed container filled with contact lens saline solution for overnight storage.

If you any questions regarding the care of your prosthetic eye, please call our office to speak with a board certified ocularist.  While the information provided here is a general guideline, your specific treatment plan may vary.