What is Most Noticed when Wearing a Prosthetic Eye?

Natural Prosthetic Eye from Ocular Prosthetics, Inc.If you are new to wearing a prosthetic eye, or have been wearing one for years, you might have noticed some important distinctions between your natural eye and ocular prosthesis.  While our ocularists will attempt to minimize any difference, a number of important factors should be discussed.

Your prosthetic eye is a carefully crafted artistic replication, designed to mimic your natural eye in both movement and appearance.  Each person’s prosthesis is uniquely fit and fabricated to their individual needs.  As your ocularist we must consider a multitude of different factors when designing your prosthetic eye.  While most people’s principle concern when adjusting to a new prosthetic eye is the color, a number of other important factors must be equally considered.  Other  important features such as movement, eyelid contours, volume, and comfort also play a significant role in the natural look and feel of a prosthetic eye.  The importance of these factors can not be overstated.  An unnatural fit will be noticed by other people before any small difference in color is perceived.

Once you have received your new ocular prosthesis, there are also a few important tips to keep in mind to limit its noticeability.  When you are talking to another person, make sure to turn and face them directly.  If you are wearing a left prosthetic eye, it is also best to position yourself slightly to the right of the person.  The opposite is true for those persons wearing a right prosthetic eye.  Because most ocular prostheses move more towards the nose, positioning yourself this way will maximize the prosthetic eye’s tracking ability in conversation.

At Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. our board certified ocularists focus on all aspects of your prosthesis equally.  From the intricate striation pattern of your iris, to a comfortable blinking reflex, each factor is carefully evaluated.  Patient input is also heavily considered when fitting and fabricating your custom made prosthetic eye.  Our ocularists will work continually to meet and exceed your expectations.  For more information on prosthetic eye services, please contact us at any of our five Southern California office locations:  Los Angeles, Orange, Encino, Torrance, and Santa Barbara.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!