When is a Prosthetic Eye Replacement Necessary?

Your prosthetic eye will need to be replaced periodically, based on your ophthalmologist and ocularist’s recommendations.  While the reasons for replacement will vary depending on each patient’s circumstances; common causes are changes in the eye socket anatomy, age of the prosthesis materials, secondary ocular surgeries and cosmetic improvements.  In most cases a new prosthetic eye can help alleviate excessive discharge, aperture asymmetry, gaze misalignment, and color deterioration.  During your ocularist consultation to start a new prosthetic eye, please discuss with your ocularist any specific changes for improvement.      

The following prosthetic eye replacement guide is as an approximate age under normal circumstances.  Please consult with your ocularist during your next office visit for more information.

Patient Age

Replacement Time

Infant 6 – 12 months
Preschool 1 – 2 years
Grade School 1 – 2 years
Teen 1 – 3 years
Adults 3 – 5 years


If you have noticed significant changes in the look and feel of your prosthesis, please contact our Southern California office locations today.  We look forward to seeing you soon!