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lost-and-found [username]

Sorry to bump this post, but I, too had a really great experience with these guys (specifically Stephen Haddad). They have done two of my scleral shells (over a period of 8 years). I’m very happy with their quality, and service. Stephen has always been very pleasant to deal with, and has done an excellent job with both my shells.Having grown up in Central Europe (behind the Iron Curtain), I got to experience wearing real glass scleral shells as a child. These were not custom made, but chosen from a bin of existing shells. I gave them my old shell which I grew out of, and they’d give me one of theirs that best “matched” my fit and eye color. These neither looked perfect, nor ever fit just right.

The shells that I have from Stephen are so comfy, often I forget I have one.  I really hope your experience with Ocular Prosthetics Inc. will be as positive as mine were.

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Linda R.

My name is Linda R., I have been a patient for 35 years.  Having made me the most wonderful eyes over the past years, has made my life a much better life.  The nicest people, who truly care.  Thank you from my heart, Robert Levy and Stephan Haddad.  Your friend, Linda R.

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jeanjean [username]

I’m from the Vegas area, and was diagnosed with a Melanoma this past fall. This outfit above [Ocular Prosthetics, Inc.] is who UCLA Medical, where I was diagnosed and who did my removal, sends all their patients to. With that sort of referral, honestly we did not even look at any other options. 
I have no comparisons, but I loved loved loved the director Stephen Haddad who did my eye, and the staff there. Since I was out of town- like you will be- they scheduled me for a session that took most of the day. I was given good advice on what to expect, and they were perfectly on time and delivered as expected. And frankly, it is only through looking at the resources page on his site that I found LostEye. I’m thankful for all of it.
I have been extremely happy with my results on the prosthetic, and most people tell me they simply cannot tell at all. Even my hubby says he only notices in certain light/reflection. The color and size is perfect, and again they treated us wonderfully.

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Dale T.

Dr, Haddad made my prosthesis in 2006. I was, and still am, very pleased with the workmanship and fit of my prosthesis.

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Xoch [username]

My eye was removed 30 yrs ago. I don’t know if Ocular Prosthetics existed at another location back then, because at this location, it was G. Danz & Sons, and shortly afterward, it became Ocular Prosthetics. Over the years, I’ve had several prostheses made here. They do an AWESOME job! The staff is friendly, warm, very understanding, and I even got to see inside of the “lab” once (lab, or whatever they call the area where they make the prostheses). Their work is awesome, because the prosthesis comes out super lifelike. People can’t tell I’m wearing one if I don’t tell them. Thank you, Ocular Prosthetics, and thank you, Stephen Haddad! 🙂

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Christina G., Roy, UT

Thank you so much for making her life better with the AMAZING work you do. Thank you for being so AWESOME and taking such great care of Britney.

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Alex M., Glendora, CA

Thank you Stephen for always taking great care of our son Jaden. It is always a pleasure to see you. Forever grateful!

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James K., Agoura Hills, CA

I recently consulted with Beverly at Ocular Prosthetics for the replacement of an ocular piece.  I was impressed with her extensive experience and immediately began the process.  Beverly was friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  I am extremely happy with the quality, appearance, and comfortable fit of the piece.  I truly appreciate Beverly’s assistance and recommend her services.

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Matt G., Spanaway, WA

Nearly 10 years ago my wife found herself in the horrifying position of having lost her scleral shell one Sunday morning.  The next day I called Ocular Prosthetics to see if there was some way we could get her in to have a replacement made as soon as possible.  Fortunately for us a prior appointment had just called in to cancel, due to inclement weather where they were coming from, so we were able to walk in immediately!  The warmth of service, professionalism, and artistry produced in just a few hours the most natural looking, comfortable shell my wife has ever worn.
10 years later I remember the details of that visit like it was yesterday, and in my mind OcPro stands at the pinnacle of what customer care is supposed to be.  Thank you for rescuing my wife in her moment of greatest need.

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