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Mary W., Santa Monica, CA

[I wanted] to let you know how happy I am with my new eye.  I truly am in awe of it and the workmanship you did on it.  It is amazing.  About an hour, perhaps two, after I left your office, I had completely adapted to it without any difficultly at all.  I am so surprised and happy that this final product looks so good and natural that I am not even aware I am wearing it.

Los Angeles Artificial Eye

Marissa D., Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend Stephen Haddad and his team at Ocular Pro.  My husband lost his eye 11 years ago and we have searched high and low for an excellent ocularist.  We are from South Africa and have been to ocularist’s here and abroad.

It is traumatic enough going through the loss of an eye and even more traumatic when you are working with someone who you rely on making you feel whole again. A lot of businesses are only there to make money off someone’s insecurity and then still do a bad prosthetic.  With Stephen and his team they are passionate about what they do and it shows in their work.  Take our advice as we speak from experience. If you want the job done right the first time and have a replica of your healthy eye and it be comfortable to wear, consider giving them a call.

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Alex N., Fountain Valley, CA

Thank you Dr. Beverly, Dr. Haddad, and Ocular Prosthetics for my scleral shell. You made the process smooth and painless. Dr. Beverly, you are a true artist. People can hardly tell the difference.

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One Eyed Blonde [username]

WOW! Blessings abound!I have my new eye and it is WONDERFUL! Though I was truly rockin’ the patch, it is nice to be free of it especially this hot summer.My experience with Ocular Pro in LA, CA was simply amazing. I have been wearing my shell for 17 problem free days now and I couldn’t be happier. A very accommodating and professional staff created a true work of art.

HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! More on the experience later. I have to go now and show it off.

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Donna W., Arroyo Grande, CA

Thank you, Dr Haddad and Rob, for the wonderful experience and for taking such great care of Cayden. Couldn’t have asked for better doctors to make him feel comfortable & confident with his new Scleral cover shell! Thank you!

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lost-and-found [username]

Sorry to bump this post, but I, too had a really great experience with these guys (specifically Stephen Haddad). They have done two of my scleral shells (over a period of 8 years). I’m very happy with their quality, and service. Stephen has always been very pleasant to deal with, and has done an excellent job with both my shells.Having grown up in Central Europe (behind the Iron Curtain), I got to experience wearing real glass scleral shells as a child. These were not custom made, but chosen from a bin of existing shells. I gave them my old shell which I grew out of, and they’d give me one of theirs that best “matched” my fit and eye color. These neither looked perfect, nor ever fit just right.

The shells that I have from Stephen are so comfy, often I forget I have one.  I really hope your experience with Ocular Prosthetics Inc. will be as positive as mine were.

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Linda R.

My name is Linda R., I have been a patient for 35 years.  Having made me the most wonderful eyes over the past years, has made my life a much better life.  The nicest people, who truly care.  Thank you from my heart, Robert Levy and Stephan Haddad.  Your friend, Linda R.

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jeanjean [username]

I’m from the Vegas area, and was diagnosed with a Melanoma this past fall. This outfit above [Ocular Prosthetics, Inc.] is who UCLA Medical, where I was diagnosed and who did my removal, sends all their patients to. With that sort of referral, honestly we did not even look at any other options. 
I have no comparisons, but I loved loved loved the director Stephen Haddad who did my eye, and the staff there. Since I was out of town- like you will be- they scheduled me for a session that took most of the day. I was given good advice on what to expect, and they were perfectly on time and delivered as expected. And frankly, it is only through looking at the resources page on his site that I found LostEye. I’m thankful for all of it.
I have been extremely happy with my results on the prosthetic, and most people tell me they simply cannot tell at all. Even my hubby says he only notices in certain light/reflection. The color and size is perfect, and again they treated us wonderfully.

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Dale T.

Dr, Haddad made my prosthesis in 2006. I was, and still am, very pleased with the workmanship and fit of my prosthesis.

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