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Kristianna T., Glendora, CA

Dr Haddad was amazing with my 6 year today! So much patience, understanding and love coming from him towards Khloe. We feel very safe in his hands and couldn’t have asked for a better Dr to handle Khloe’s prosthetic fitting! Thank you Dr!

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Steve S., Ramallah, PS

Thank you everyone from Ocular Prosthetics from all of us at at the PCRF – Palestine Children’s Relief Fund for helping Batool get the care that she needs. We are grateful to you all for your hard work and humanity.

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Camelia D., Northridge, CA

I do wear a prosthetic lens done by doctor Steve Haddad and no one can tell.  I just saw him few days ago when I needed to have my lens polished.  I know him for 9 years and I am very blessed to have him taking care of me for all this time and on.  He is a very good person and gives other a positive attitude with his ART WORK.  He is the doctor that likes what his is doing.  Thank you doctor.

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Carol L., Stockton, CA

A very good friend needed transportation from Stockton CA, to Ocular Prosthetics to replace her eye prosthetic we drove down the day before her appt ! This is the second time she has been here for a replacement! We arrived at 9am and the process began! Steven is one of the best medical practitioners I have ever encountered! He was so caring toward my 80+ friend, so friendly, professional, patient and meticulous with his work. He Explained the process and some history to me, while he was busy crafting her new eye, making me feel we were family . Can not leave out Tania, who was just as professional, who would pop in and assist with her opinions, and Gabby who greeted us at the window with the paperwork ready! Thank You for all that you are and all that you do!

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Deborah G., Tujunga, CA

I’ve been client since 1992 & Steve & staff are great & my prosthesis is not obvious at all. Matched me perfect in color & shape!!

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Lynni G., Santa Ynez, CA

Forty years ago at the age of 17 I had an amazing prosthetic lens cover made by Ocularist Robert O. Levy at his office on Larchmont Blvd. It was so good and comfortable that I never got a new one, although it is recommended to “update” every 4 years, rather than 40. However, during the past 2 years my damaged eye started to change and atrophy. My lens cover was no longer comfortable and did not match my other eye anymore. I was very concerned that I would not be able to find an ocularist who would be able to duplicate the work of Bob Levy. (Bob Levy passed away many years ago) However, my Ophthalmologist in Santa Barbara Dr. Stuart Winthrop recommended Stephen Haddad. I went online and looked at his website. I was extremely impressed by the patients and their testimonies, as well as by the videos of before and after. Their eyes were beautiful. They actually looked alive. Then I saw Dr. Haddad’s photo and he looked so nice and friendly. I met with him at the Santa Barbara office and found out that he had actually acquired Bob Levy’s practice on Larchmont Blvd! He arranged for me to come and have my lens done in one day. This was a huge help to me since I live 3 hours away. I had my new eye designed , painted, fitted and polished by the end of the afternoon. The color is amazing! All of the details and the placement of the iris, etc. make me look symmetrical and wonderful. All of my friends and family say the difference if incredible. I am so so grateful to Stephen Haddad, to his staff, and to Beverly, the polishing guru, ( who was already developing her talent while working for Bob Levy when I first entered that office at the age of 17 ) who performed the final touches to ensure that my new eye was smooth and comfortable. It is weird that I sat in the same seat I did 40 years ago and had “caught lightening in a bottle” for the second time. I LOVE Stephen Haddad . He is gentle, caring, meticulous, and a true artist. Thank you for making me feel whole again!

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dolphinlvr16 [username]

My Ocularist is Dr. Steven Haddad in So. Calif. I was told from a few doctors at UCLA that he is the ONE to go to. Luckily he is in the area were i live. 🙂

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Katrina E., Adelanto, CA

I love you guys.  My son has been seeing Beverly since he was 3. He is now 16.  The staff has always been sooo nice and always making sure we get the best service.  The ocularists are very talented and we are very grateful for their services.  Thank you all so very much for what you have done for my Son.

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Eric C., Irvine, CA

My family is grateful that you have given my son the opportunity to live a normal life! God Bless you!

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