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A Prosthetic Eye Journey – Jepsa Awomah

Everything changed with a simple request, “Could I please have some books for school?”  Jespa Awomah, a 16 year old boy from a small village in Cameroon, just so happened to be asking this donation of Rebecca Akumbu, the sister

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Ocular Prosthesis for Anophthalmia and Microphthalmia

Congenital anophthalmia is a condition characterized by the absence of one or both eyes.  This extremely rare disease is predominantly the effect of genetic abnormalities.  Congenital microphthalmia, or nanophthalmia, is a condition characterized by a small, underdeveloped eye.  Similar to

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Child with prosthetic eye

Shah Bibi Tarakhail Receives Prosthetic Eye!

For those unfamiliar with this courageous young girl’s story, Shah Bibi Tarakhail is a child found by fate in her worn torn country of Afghanistan by a military nurse native to California.  Moved by Shah Bibi’s traumatic circumstances, after a tragic encounter

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A Prosthetic Eye Journey – Shah Bibi Tarakhail

In the worn torn country of Afghanistan, roadside bombs are unfortunately the new normal. This tragedy is epitomized by the large number of children stumbling upon their devastating effects. Shah Bibi Tarakhail is one of the those children; drawn to

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Retinoblastoma: The Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions

Retinoblastoma is a cancer of the eye, usually diagnosed during childhood. It accounts for almost 3% of all cancers discovered in children before the age of 15. This type of cancer is curable if it is detected early and treated

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Retinoblastoma patient of Ocular Prosthetics, Inc.

Prosthetic Eye Care for Children

At Ocular Prosthetics, Inc. we are sympathetic to that fact that most children do not know what to expect on their initial visit to our office.  The clinical environment can be an uncomfortable place, with strange equipment, and unfamiliar people.

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Stephen Haddad and Artificial Eye Patient